Commemorative Glasses from previous years

Tankard 2010 Front

Tankard 2010 Back

Front & Back 2010 Tankard

Tankard from 2011

Front 2011 Tankard

Tankard from 2012

Front 2012 Tankard

Tankard from 2013 Front

Tankard from 2013 Back

Front & Back 2013 Tankard

Tankard from 2014 Front

Tankard from 2014 Back

Front & Back 2014 Tankard

Tankard from 2015 Front

Front 2015 Tankard

Tankard from 2016

Front 2016 Tankard

Tankard from 2017

Front 2017 Tankard

Stem Glass from 2018 Front

Stem from 2018 Back

New innovation for 2018 an alternative stemmed glass

Tankard from 2018 Front

Tankard from 2018 Back

Front & Back 2018 Tankard & Stem

Stem from 2019 Front

Stem from 2019 Back

Tankard from 2019

Tankard from 2019 Back

Front & Back 2019 Tankard & Stem

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Robin Hood Beer and Cider 2021 Festival set for Trent Bridge switch

The Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival, Nottingham CAMRA's flagship annual event, has secured a new home at Trent Bridge cricket ground.

Work has started on plans to host the event from Wednesday 13th October until Saturday 16th October this year in the hope that pandemic-induced disruption to the brewing and hospitality industry can be overcome in time for the safe staging of the iconic festival.

Diary clashes at the Motorpoint Arena and the redevelopment of Nottingham Castle sparked the search for a venue befitting the scale and prestige of the event which has grown considerably in recent years with up to 20,000 customers expected to attend throughout the duration of the festival.

"We are delighted to have been invited to stage the festival at Trent Bridge," said Nottingham CAMRA Chairman Steve Westby.

"I am sure customers will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy drinking quality beers and ciders in such historic surroundings.

"Of course, the event will only go ahead if the current pandemic restrictions are lifted and it is perfectly safe to do so, but we felt it was important to allow our customers and volunteers to have dates to look forward to."

Trent Bridge, the historic home of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, is ingrained in pub folklore with its founder, William Clarke, having married the landlady of the Trent Bridge Inn in 1837. One year later, the adjoining field became the county's premier cricket ground under his stewardship.

Sustained investment has cemented the West Bridgford venue's position as one of six in England to host Test cricket.

"We can't wait to welcome Nottingham CAMRA to Trent Bridge and dearly hope that circumstances allow us to stage the event this year," said Trent Bridge Commercial Director Michael Temple.

"We all need something to look forward to and we're thrilled to be working with Steve and the team to progress their plans as soon as it's deemed safe to do so."

small cricket ball

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Buy Tickets 2021 Cricket Ball

As soon as tickets become available for sale on line the 'Buy Tickets' link will be activated. Latest Ticket availability information can be found here and how to 'Pay on the Day' here

Ask for Angela poster

The 'Ask for Angela' initiative is supported by Pubwatch and will be active during the duration of all future Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festivals - downloadable artwork available from Pubwatch and in .pdf format here

Challenge 21

Challenge 21 came into effect for the 2018 Festival and will continue for the foreseeable future - for more information click on the image to access .pdf file or visit the Challenge 21 website here

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