Commemorative Glasses from previous years

Tankard 2010 Front

Tankard 2010 Back

Front & Back 2010 Tankard

Tankard from 2011

Front 2011 Tankard

Tankard from 2012

Front 2012 Tankard

Tankard from 2013 Front

Tankard from 2013 Back

Front & Back 2013 Tankard

Tankard from 2014 Front

Tankard from 2014 Back

Front & Back 2014 Tankard

Tankard from 2015 Front

Front 2015 Tankard

Tankard from 2016

Front 2016 Tankard

Tankard from 2017

Front 2017 Tankard

Stem Glass from 2018 Front

Stem from 2018 Back

New innovation for 2018 an alternative stemmed glass

Tankard from 2018 Front

Tankard from 2018 Back

Front & Back 2018 Tankard & Stem

Stem from 2019 Front

Stem from 2019 Back

Tankard from 2019

Tankard from 2019 Back

Front & Back 2019 Tankard & Stem

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Official Cancellation of 2020 Festival

Press release – Thursday, 17th September 2020

Nottingham Beer & Cider Festival 2020 cancelled

It is with great sadness and disappointment that Nottingham CAMRA have been obliged to call time on this year's annual Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival. Last week's government announcement and the continuing uncertainty meant that trying to hold the festival was considered a risk too far.

Nottingham CAMRA would like to thank the management and staff at the Motorpoint Arena, who had worked with us to try and avoid cancelling the event, but eventually recent developments have now made this impossible.

Steve Westby, Nottingham CAMRA chairman, said "unfortunately, the risks of hosting this year's festival now appear too great with the threat of national or local infection rates leading to lockdown at a moment's notice causing irreparable damage and inconvenience."

Whilst the festival has had to be cancelled Nottingham CAMRA have launched a 'Back to the Pub' promotion to help our ailing local pub industry

Whilst the 2020 festival has therefore been cancelled, we are pleased to announce that progress has been made on the 2021 event – which is expected to return to its traditional October dates.

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Challenge 21

Challenge 21 came into effect for the 2018 Festival and will continue for the forseeable future - for more information click on the image to access .pdf file or visit the Challenge 21 website here

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