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We need your help - Update 27.09.17

A message from the Organisers - many more volunteers needed for Friday and Saturday whilst the festival is open.  Many more also needed for take down - any takers?

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T-shirts will be issued by Staffing Officers when Volunteers sign in to work for the first time.

11th to 14th October 2017

It takes over 400 volunteers to staff a festival of our size. This number excludes entertainment, brewery bars, food stalls, health and safety, etc.  It is an amazing number of people so thank you to all those who volunteer and have volunteered already. You should have had a response from us if you have volunteered, but if you haven’t please just check your SPAM box!

We still need volunteers, particularly for Friday and Saturday evening, serving behind the bars, we also need people for the Sunday take down.

Remember if you have never volunteered before you can. It doesn't matter if it's your first time, 5th time or 50th time please volunteer. Some of the team give up two weeks to help out as there is an array of tasks from setup, to main festival, to take down. It doesn't matter if you can only do a bit then submit a form and we'll take a look.

If you have any queries see the website or give us a call. Look forward to hearing from you. staffing@nottinghamcamra.org.

We will be having a VIP/Trade event on Wednesday 11th October, this will allow free entry to CAMRA members to the festival from 1pm until 4pm only. Once in the festival, you are welcome to stay when we open to the public at 5pm.

Cartoon of Volunteers all shapes and sizes

We need your help

The beer festival is organised and staffed entirely by volunteers and as it increases in size we need ever more help. We appreciate that an event of this kind can’t happen without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. We’d love to see many of you back and all new faces will be welcome. Thank you to those of you who volunteered in 2016.

Working at the festival can be great fun, the work isn’t too onerous and previous experience is not necessary. We offer volunteers a range of benefits and we are grateful for the time you can spare.

You can specify where you would like to work, on the beer bars, selling cider or perry or perhaps take on one of the backroom roles (such as selling tokens or receiving and signing in volunteers from 8am to late); we will always do our best to try to accommodate your wishes. Most people prefer to help on the main bars, but please consider giving cider a go, it’s just as much fun helping on there.

Volunteering for the 2017 Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival is now open and volunteer forms (xlsx format only**) are available to download here. **Volunteer forms are on excel only on the website this year as it helps those processing the forms significantly, by speeding up processing time.  If for whatever reason you cannot use the excel format please email the staffing team, they will then send you a word document.  Paper forms will be made available at the branch meetings.

Critically we also need help to set up from Friday 29th September, particularly on Friday 6th, Sunday 8th and Monday 9th October when most of the beers will arrive on site and be stillaged. Further help is required on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday, 11th October before the Festival opens to the public. After the Festival, help will be needed with 'take down' from Sunday 15th to Wednesday 18th. In appreciation appropriate refreshments are always provided for the set-up and take-down sessions.


Cider at the Festival

(Volunteers will not be asked to work on the admissions, glass washing or litter picking; this will be done by paid staff on behalf of Nottingham CAMRA.)


Barrels of Booer or Cider

Thank you for your interest in and continuing support of the Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival

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