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The beer festival is organised and staffed entirely by volunteers and an event of this kind can't happen without their hard work and dedication. We'd love to see many of the volunteers from previous years back again and all new faces will be welcome. Thank you to those of you who volunteered in previous years.

Working at the festival can be great fun, the work isn't too onerous and previous experience is not necessary. We offer volunteers a range of benefits and we are grateful for the time you can spare.

You can specify where you would like to work, on the beer bars, selling cider or perry or perhaps take on one of the backroom roles (such as selling tokens or receiving and signing in volunteers from 8am to late); we will always do our best to try to accommodate your wishes. Most people prefer to help on the main bars, but please consider giving cider a go, it's just as much fun helping on there.

Forms to volunteer to work at the Festival can be found here or alternatively here if encountering difficulties. Paper volunteer forms will be available at Branch Meetings if you are unable to use the on-line form.

Travelling by Bus - full details (timetable and route planner) can be found on the Location page

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Updated : 21st September 2021

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