Spyke Golding Remembered

The Spyke Golding Shield

Following the untimely death of Peter Bernard ‘Spyke’ Golding in October 2010 Nottingham CAMRA decided to honour his memory initially with the creation of an annual literary award and in 2016 replaced this with the Spyke Golding Shield to be awarded to the winner of the Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire.

Blue Monkey Infinity Ale

The 2016 Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire was awarded to the Blue Monkey Brewery for their Infinity Ale and was presented to them at the Beer and Cider festival.

First annual award of the Spyke Golding Shield 2016

Blue Monkey MD, Amanda Robson, is presented with the 2016 inaugural 'Spyke' Golding Shield for 'Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire' by Mick Bajcar who has been instrumental in keeping the spirit of 'Spyke Golding' present in our memories.

Spyke Golding Literary Award

Spyke Tribute 2015

2015 -Spyke's Corner at the Festival - Image courtesy of K Marysia Wariwoda former runner up in the Spyke Golding Literary Award

What was it all about?

Following the untimely death of Peter Bernard ‘Spyke’ Golding in October 2010 Nottingham CAMRA decided to honour his memory with the creation of an annual literary award.

Spyke had many interests and passions and amongst them were his love of real ale which saw him take on the role of Chairman of Nottingham CAMRA (on more than one occasion), become Editor of the award winning Nottingham Drinker and champion travelling by public transport (both in this Country and abroad).

To honour this enormously popular Nottingham-born figure an annual literary award was set up in 2011 and this will be its fifth and final year.

The winning entries all featured in Nottingham Drinker and the winner received a £100 cheque plus an inscribed beer tankard (or goblet if preferred). The runner(s) up received £50.

The Rules were :

1 - The article must be original and written by someone who is over the age of 18, by the 1st October in the current competition year (2015).

2 - One entry per competitor only.

3 - Competitors must :

a) reside or work or have been born in the County of Nottinghamshire
b) reside or work within 20 miles of the Nottinghamshire border

4 - Current contributors to Nottingham Drinker or Nottingham Committee members are excluded from entry as are past winners/runners up.


1 - Written entries, confirming date of birth, may be submitted either by e-mail or by post.

2 - Closing date for entries was 1st September of participating year.


1- A short story/article comprising no more than 1,200 words or a poem; humorous, real or fictional, but linked to pubs/breweries/real ale/cider either in this Country or abroad.


1 - Long-time friends of Spyke Golding completed the initial short listing process after the closing date has elapsed.

2 - Following the completion of the short listing process, additional judges will vote in the successful finalist/runner(s) up. The judges decision were final.


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