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Retro LogoWelcome to the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival Photo Gallery

On this page you will find images from previous Beer Festivals held in the beautiful grounds of Nottingham Castle and now temporarily the Motorpoint Arena. We hope you will enjoy the tour of the Nostalgia years .............


2021 - Festival Moves to iconic Trent Bridge & is a Roaring Success!

Header Logo

Tim Pollard as Robin Hood

How can you have a Robin Hood Festival without its namesake being there - Hello Tim Pollard aka Robin Hood! - Image courtesy & © of Castle Rock Brewery with thanks


Wonderfully atmospheric image of the limited edition stemmed glasses for this years' festival - image courtesy & © of the Nottingham Post (also follow this link for more excellent pictures of the Festival!)

Volunteers serving

Let's showcase the volunteers who rarely get a moments respite! - image courtesy & © of the Nottingham Post (also follow this link for more excellent pictures of the Festival!)

Cider at the Festival

The Cider Barn offered Ciders (made from Apples) and Perries (made from Pears) as an alternative or preferred tipple - thanks to Andy Sales for the pre-Festival image as it appears on Facebook

William Clarke Stand

What an opportunity to explore Trent Bridge (even if you aren't a cricket fan - but what if you are!) - image courtesy & © of the Nottingham Post (also follow this link for more excellent pictures of the Festival!)


And the Pirates came too! Did they escape from Never Never Land and Peter Pan and where's Robin Hood when you need him? - (L- R) Pirates Matt Jepson, Gavin Hooton, Paul Long and Dan Saunby swap rum for beer - image courtesy & © of the Nottingham Post (also follow this link for more excellent pictures of the Festival!)

2020 - Festival cancelled due to Covid-19

2019 - A 2nd Successful Festival at the Motorpoint Arena introducing a new initiative 'Tutored Tastings'

New Stemmed Capri Glass Design

The 2019 Capri stemmed Glass

Tasting - a new initiative for 2019

2019 Logo

2019 Beer Festival Main Arena

In case you wondered what it all looks like - image courtesy & © of Nottingham City Council to see 210 more images visit whitefootphotography

2018 - New Location / New Dates / New Initiative / New Ticket Competition / New Glass Design

New Stemmed glasses

New Stemmed glasses design for 2018

New Glasses array

Meet the new family of glasses available for the 2018 Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival!

Exterior Image of Bolero Square

Middle of October? Believe it, this is Bolero Square in full swing during the Festival - image as posted by Katy Carter sourced from the Festival Fb page

Another view of the Festival interior

Another image of the Beer Festival - image as posted by Richard Alton sourced from the Festival Fb page

Louise Harrison and Friends raising a glass

Raising a glass to toast the new venue - Louise Harrison and friends - image as posted by Louise sourced from the Festival Fb page

Amber Marie shot of full main Motorpoint Arena

More from Amber Marie

The festival in full swing - two images as posted by Amber Marie sourced from the Festival Fb page

Westby Tapping the Barrels

The Festival Organiser performing an essential service to the success of the festival by 'tapping the casks' - image as posted by Terence Jones sourced from the Festival Fb page

Bolero Main Arena receiving casks

The Beers arriving into their new habitat for 2018 - image sourced from the Festival Fb page

Steve Westby Chair Nottingham CAMRA

The Arena

Andrew Ludlow Secretary CAMRA

Watch the Video

Friday, 3rd August 2018 - was "International Beer Day"

Flags of the World

International Beer Day on Friday 3rd August is a global celebration of beer, taking place in pubs and breweries all over the world. It's a day for beer lovers everywhere to raise a toast to our brewers and bartenders and rejoice in the greatness of beer!

The purpose is threefold:

To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.
To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.
To bring the world together by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures on this one remarkable day.

Nottingham CAMRA and the Nottingham Arena have joined forces to celebrate International Beer Day with the following special offers:-

Friday 3rd August - 5 pairs of tickets for Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider festival will be hidden in well-known locations in the Nottingham city centre for you to find. These will be for all day tickets on the Saturday including glasses and tokens.

Follow @nottinghamarena on Twitter to find the locations - Five happy winners have their tickets for the 2018 Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival! Congratulations to you all - Cheers!

Robin Hood Statue



The no. 2 location was our very own Robin Hood immortalised in a statue outside of Nottingham Castle!

Courts of Justice

l to r : Location no. 1 was the Courts of Justice and Location no. 3 the Bierkeller on Friar Lane

One of a pair of Lions outside the Council HouseMotorpoint Arena

l to r : Location no. 4 The Council House in Old Market Square and Location no. 5 our new venue the Motorpoint Arena

Ticket Offer

9.00am Friday 3rd August until 23.59pm on Friday 17th August. A limited edition of £2 discount per ticket on bookings of 8 tickets or more for the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider festival. There is no promotional code, just book 8 tickets or more for groups and the discount will apply automatically on the Arena website or in person at the Arena box office. This offer applies to Full day tickets only for Thursday, Friday and Saturday (no evening tickets). Promotion has now ended.

International array of Flags


The Robin Hood Festival moved to the Castle Grounds in 2008 and has proved an exceptionally popular venue over the years since its relocation. The images on this page have been provided by CAMRA members and enthusiasts and convey the atmosphere of staff, helper-volunteers, visitors and samplers alike.


Banner at the Castle

We took over Nottingham Castle for the last time in the foreseeable future!

What every Beer Festival should look like

What every Beer Festival should look like - people engaged, barrels on show, smiles all around! Thanks to Mike Godwin for this stunning and evocative picture of the 2017 Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival!

Friday the 13th BeerSerious beer commentary

So who remembered the Festival encompassed Friday the 13th and the word for fear of that day is triskaidekaphobia? As you can see we have a humorous side - thanks to Mike Godwin for the image on the left and thanks to Charlotte Heede for her image of the very, very serious business of beer tasting and ticking - Friday the 13th and triskaidekaphobia combined couldn't have stopped this group!


Halloween came early to the Festival this year - what a colourful group and the smiles say it all - thanks to Karen Hewitt for this image and the one below featuring dragons let loose in the grounds of Nottingham Castle - at least I think that they're dragons!

Beer Festival Clog Ladies

Greenwood Step Cog showing off the new headgear purchased at the festival! Left to right: Joy, Marlene, Lucy, Fiona, Babli and Trins.

Clog Lady Dancers in action

Greenwood Step Cog in action and showing a leg!

Volunteer at the Festival

Clog dancers with legless man

Then everyone else wanted to join in - Thanks to Eric Foxley for these fabulous photos!

Dragons in the grounds

Serving behind the barSecurity and Service at the Festival

Looking in at how the other half serves - great pictures thanks to Karen Hewitt who has managed to capture the serious and fun elements of the 2017 Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival

Haloween looking Beer

Looks like the ale made for the Hallowe'eners (see above)


And isn't it great to see the name of Shipstone's back at the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival 2017 - thanks to Mitchell Duggan for these two great reminders of the great Shippos! (I drove passed the Star Brewery on my way back from the Castle last Thursday).

Under 25 warning

We bowed to convention!

2017 App

We produced an app (don't we always?)

2017 Festival Glass

Logo 2017Logo 2017 alternativeLogo 2017 3nd alternative

Banner for 2017

Official Logos and Beer Glass for the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival 2017

Groundplan of site

We produced a site plan!

Open Video

See what the Nottingham Post had to say about the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival 2017!


As I've dubbed this 'The Year of the Selfies' here are a few for you to enjoy :

Visitors from the Phillipines

Lu Blackband provides this image of happy visitors from the Phillipines with the resident 'outlaw'

Nightbirds at the FestivalMixed Men at the Festival

Thank you Karen Hewitt for these happy images of 'Nightbirds' and 'Mix-Mex Pirates'

In the ZoneSecurity Team

Lincoln Green TeamLincoln Green Trio

From Lincoln Green Brewing Company and excellent foursome-of-selfies with one common denominator!

And there were others just enjoying themselves in the wonderful grounds of Nottingham Castle and in the Festival Beer Tents :

Morris Men

Cone headed people

Mike Godwin provides these excellent images of the Morris Men who deserve a beer or two after entertaining the crowds and the mysterious 'Cone People' whose raison d'être is a bit obscure!

And who can resist a good 'crowd bustle'?

Crowds Bustling

More clamouring corwds

Never a dull moment it seems - thank you to Karen Hewitt and Mike Godwin for the images

2016 Android App2016 Apple App

The all important app for android (left) and ios (right) devices

2016 Glass Graphics back2016 Glass Graphics back

Commemorative Glass Design for 2016

2016 Design for the Commemorative Glasses


40th Anniversary Cake

Celebrating 40 years of the Festival with a specially commissioned cake - not a crumb survived!

2016 Android App2015 Commemorative Glass2016 Apple App

The main essentials at every Beer Festival - your personalised glass and the app for your phone!

Green Beer

The talking point of 2015 - Hale's 'We're Firkin 40' Brewed specifically to celebrate 40 years of the Robin Hood Beer & Cider Festival

Green Beer Andrew Green Beer Steve

L to r - Andrew Ludlow (Secretary) and Steve Westby (Chair) of Nottingham CAMRA trying out the special green beer at the 2015 Festival

Main Logo

The Logo commemorating 40 years!

NBF 2015 Food Village

2015 Food Village Image courtesy of K Marysia Wariwoda former runner up in the Spyke Golding Literary Award

Cellar Staff

L to r - Andrew Ludlow (Secretary) and Steve Westby (Chair) of Nottingham CAMRA pulling their weight (or pints) at the 2015 Festival

2015 Cider Stand

Entertainment Bandstand

Dancing Duck Brewery



BF 2014 Glass FrontBF 2014 Glass Back

The 2014 commemorative glasses available to purchase or as part of the ticket package on visiting the Festival

Beer Logo 2014FFF Logo 2014 Cider Logo 2014

Variations on the logo, green for Beer, grey-purple for FFF and red variant for Cider to distinguish the information pages.

Castle Rock Red Riding Hood

Castle Rock - sponsors of the final Spyke Golding Award put on a fine red-blooded Ale

2014 Under the watchful eye of Spyke Golding

The moment all present were asked to raise their glasses in memory of Spyke Golding

2014 Spyke Golding remembered

Apple App2-14 Beer ProgrammeAlt App

The Beer Festival Programme (new for 2014) and second year of Apple and Android Apps

Travel Guide for 2014 Link to Travel Guide

Also for a second year running a comprehensive Travel Guide produced by Nottingham City Council

T-Shirt Design T-Shirt 2014

The T-shirt design and actual T-Shirt available at the 2014 Festival

Doctor Who

Some fun poked at new Dr. Who (Peter Capaldi) in a timely episode lampooning Robin (Robot) Hood


2013 Landscape Logo

The 2013 Logo had a few people perplexed until they realised that the image on the left represented a glass of beer with a very full head!

2013 Poster Variation Poster alternative no glass

Variations on the poster

FFF Leaflet Travel Guide produced by NCC

Leaflets Produced for the Festival Fringe Fortnight and a Travel Guide

NBF 2014 Racked Beer BarrelsNBF 2014 Cider Stand

Plenty of Beer and Cider to be found at the Robin Hood Beer and Cider Festival (every year!)

2013 Beer Mat design2013 Festival App 2013 Beer Mat design

Introducing the app

New For 2013 the Festival App!


Beer Festival Glass from 2012

Beer Festival Glass

Logo 2012

The 2012 design paid tribute to the Olympic year and had a commensurate number of beers to celebrate.

 2012 Glass design


Poster Black 2012 Poster White 2012

Beer Festival Opening Ceremony 2012

The 2012 Robin Hood Beer Festival is pronounced "Open for Business" by Nottingham CAMRA Chairman, Steve Westby and the main man himself, Robin Hood with Maid Marian


Long Logo 2011

2011 Festival PosterFestival Glass 2011 Poster with Spyke 2011


Setting UpYou TubeSetting Up


Panorama in the Evening 2012

In 2011 Cider was added to the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival and became the Nottingham Robin Hood and Cider Festival or occasionally the Nottingham Robin Hood Cider and Beer Festival - depending on whose articles / blogs you were reading.

Festival Glasses 2010 and 2011

Example glasses in use from 2010 and 2011 - thank you to NottsBrew for the image!


2010 Logo Castle Grounds

Cider Stand Castle Gardens

Blue Monkey StandJoin CAMRA Beer Samplers

Day Rotunda Night Rotunda

In 2010 Cider was already making a big presence at the Festival and the numbers, choices and varieties continue to expand annually - the 2011 and 2012 web-sites now carry dedicated Cider and Perry (mustn't forget the Perry) pages.


In 2010 the late Spyke Golding treated us to a bawdy rendition of 'Nottingham Ale' and it finds its rightful place here in honour and remembrance of that great and larger than life friend of the Campaign for Real Ale.


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